Congratulations Mama’s Flat Stomach Tea on the birth of Teapreneur MLM!

After 10 successful years of growing Mama’s Flat Stomach Tea and developing natural products to help improve health and wellness, we are proud and delighted to announce the birth of our new enterprise, Teapreneur MLM

The focus of Teapreneur MLM is to offer cost-effective remedies from nature’s storehouse, to support and boost immunity, metabolism, digestion and energy levels.

Promoting a healthy lifestyle has always been the foundation of BossLady Mikie Monoketsi’s vision. Cornerstones of this philosophy include maintaining a good weight because obesity leads to serious health issues, including heart disease, stroke, diabetes, high blood pressure, poor mental function, low energy levels and some cancers.

Mikie says: “We continue to offer natural weight loss and maintenance products in an effort to reduce the prevalence of lifestyle related diseases and co-morbidities which result in poor quality of life, medical expenses and often premature death.”

Mikie continues: “The Covid-19 pandemic has taught us the importance of a well-functioning immune system – the body’s in-built mechanism to fight illness, infection and disease. We have always advocated a healthy lifestyle plan which includes eating good quality whole food and exercising regularly, as well as supporting the body systems with natural supplements. When well-fed, well-rested and in good physical shape, the body functions at its best, delivering optimal health, mental clarity and abundant energy. It is our goal to educate and empower our people to live well and be the best version of themselves.”

A second objective of Teapreneur MLM is to enable entrepreneurs to own their own businesses and achieve financial freedom. This is available to distributors who join the multi-level marketing network and grow their customer base. Teapreneur MLM offers generous referral incentives and profits on each sale, making it a sought after business opportunity already embraced by thousands of distributors who enjoy financial independence.

To celebrate the launch of Teapreneur MLM, a range of new natural products has been added to the offering. These have been specially selected for their healing properties, anti-inflammatory agents and immune boosting effects. The role of a strong immune system is well known in the body’s ability to fight disease and infection. Another key area to manage is that of inflammation. Unresolved, long-term inflammation contributes to chronic disease and is cited as the most common cause of many lifestyle related conditions. Natural remedies to boost the immune system and control inflammation are essential for optimal health and wellness.

Natural healers and herbalists have been using indigenous plants for centuries to treat common conditions and alleviate symptoms without toxic side effects.